Occupational Therapy



Individual psychotherapy is a process that depends on the fit between the client and the therapist because the impact depends on the level of trust and openness of the client.  It can be emotionally painful and might lead to discussions of topics you have never talked about with anyone else or on allowing emotions that we suppress in other areas of our lives.


Like most aspects of the psychotherapeutic relationship, success in therapy is defined within the individualized relationship itself.  Success can include a reduction or better management of difficult mental health symptoms, recovery from trauma, deepening relationships with others or finding new levels of intimacy, making decisions and adjusting to the consequences, finding new daily practices that help us appreciate ourselves and our own unique preciousness, or myriad other self-defined outcomes.

Services for Adults

Services for Children and Adolescents

Sensory Based Intervention

Our adult occupational therapy focuses on enhancing daily living skills, managing health conditions, and fostering greater independence:

  • Management of symptoms related to stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Sensory processing and arousal regulation
  • Improvement of energy and management of fatigue
  • Pain management
  • Development of executive functioning skills, including focus, attention, and problem-solving
  • Training in assertive communication and self-advocacy
  • Support for building self-esteem and self-efficacy
  • Guidance on independent living skills and daily routines
  • Enhancement of social engagement and community participation

Our services for young clients focus on developmentally appropriate interventions that promote growth and development:

  • Enhancing self-esteem and competence
  • Fostering self-regulation and problem-solving skills
  • Supporting parent and caregiver bonding
  • Managing routines related to sleep and feeding
  • Improving behavioral organization and attention skills
  • Encouraging participation in school and play activities

Our sensory-based interventions are tailored to individual needs to help manage

  • Responses to sensory input and enhance daily functioning:
  • Education on the impact of sensory processing on regulation
  • Personalized strategies to adjust tasks and environments for comfort and functionality
  • Incorporation of sensory regulation strategies into daily routines

Creative Therapist

At Painted Brain, we craft community-based solutions to mental health challenges through arts, advocacy, and enterprise. Our occupational therapy services aim to enhance functional participation in meaningful activities, improving overall health and well-being.