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Meditation Mindfulness and holistic health

What We Offer:

Access free workshops, materials, and resources for mental health, art, social work, and occupational therapy. Peer-run support groups provide a safe space for people to connect and share their lived experiences.

 For questions related to Community Center services,

Send inquiries to or call (213) 289-3578.

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Occupational Therapy:

Occupational Therapy is a holistic health profession that supports a person’s ability to functionally engage in meaningful and health-promoting daily activities and routines. At Painted Brain, our occupational therapists and occupational therapy interns provide support to community members as needed, in order to help them engage in the different activities and spaces throughout the Community Center.

 Individuals can also receive OT services on a drop-in basis for support related to: daily routines (e.g., self-care, sleep, eating, school, work, etc.), life skills, self-regulation, sensory needs, and social skills.

 [link to request an OT intake form]

 A staff member will complete the OT intake form with you at the Community Center, in order to assess your OT needs more thoroughly. For more information on all of our OT services:

[link to OT services page]

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Social Work Services:

Anyone joining Painted Brain’s Community Center for art or community events has the opportunity to network with a Social Work Intern onsite. Social Work Interns may connect with individuals during Community Center groups for general information, but can also be available for more individualized support upon request.

Individualized support from a Social Work Intern may look like: case management, supportive counseling sessions, and/or support with resource navigation.

 To request support from a Social Work Intern, you can request individualized services from the social worker intern directly or you can email with more information about your needs. Painted Brain staff will reach out to you directly to schedule an appointment

regarding the request.

Please note that Painted Brain provides recovery resources, but is not a crisis resource. If you need immediate support from a social worker, or are a danger to yourself or others please contact 988 or 911 for more immediate support.

 For more information on all of our Social Work services:

[link to Social Work services page]

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Peer Support Groups:

Our Community Center is open every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, offering peer-run activities and workshops for those who wish to participate.

Every day from 12 pm to 1 pm, we conduct a program called Release, Relax, Receive, which includes our community meeting. This is an opportunity to practice mindfulness activities such as meditation and breathing exercises. You can also interact with other members of the community during this time.

We offer various art activities that focus on personal wellness, such as vision boarding, collaging, painting, ceramics, and arts, and crafts, among others. 

In addition, we provide training on relevant skills such as creative writing, social media literacy, and audio podcasting.

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